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"About Ikabod"
Ikabod is a Filipino comic series created by the late comic artist Nonoy Marcelo in the 1970's as a successor to his earlier works like Tisoy. It was originally created as a slice-of-life comic strip for newspapers, and became a full comic book series under D.C. Robert Publishing. This comic is Nonoy's final cartoon series until his death in 2002.
Set in a world of anthropomorphic animals, the comic features the titular Ikabod Bubwit, a common brown rat, along with his other animal friends in Dagalandia...
But what about Ikabod.com?
Ikabod.com is the official website of the Ikabod comic book series and is owned by D.C. Robert Publishing. The company published the original comic book series from 1988 until 1990, and the new millenium series from 2000 until 2002.

In this website, you can subscribe to previously published Ikabod comics and read them online, any time, anywhere!