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"Terms of Service"
This page discloses the terms of services of Ikabod.com ("this website", "we", "us").

This page was last updated on August 24, 2019.

I. Changes to this page

We reserve the right to update our terms of services at any time. The latest revision date is displayed at the top of this page.

II. User membership

To avail our services, you must become a member of our site and register through our login page. As of June 2018, you can only register to this website using your Facebook account.

a. Validity

Your membership to our website will remain valid until we cease our services, as described in section V.

b. Multiple accounts

You are only allowed to have one active account on our website. Multiple accounts are not permitted, and accounts that circumvent a ban as described in section IIc will result in immediate termination.

c. Banning

We reserve the right to ban any member for any reason, such as participating and conducting malicious behavior in our site and services. This includes, but not limited to, hacking, exploiting, or causing damages to our system, and issuing chargebacks or refunds without a justified cause.

Any member that is banned will have all of his Ikabod subscriptions revoked with no refunds.

d. Lost accounts

Memberships that are tied to Facebook accounts that can no longer be retrieved will not have its subscription licenses be transfered to other accounts.

III. Comic subscriptions

You can purchase digital copies of Ikabod comic books through our buy page.

a. Subscription license

Each comic book issue you have purchased gives you to a subscription license (described in section IV) to that specific issue. This license is non-transferrable to other accounts.

b. Payment methods

You can purchase Ikabod comic books using PayPal and through bank transfers and deposits via select banks in the Philippines. By using their services, you abide by their terms of services, and agree to their privacy policies.

c. Refunds

All sales are final. No refunds will be given except in cases where our system has performed an error (such as duplicate charges).

d. Chargebacks

Any chargebacks that you perform without any justified reason will result in immediate membership ban.

IV. Subscription license

Each comic book issue purchased in our website entitles you to a lifetime digital subscription license for that issue.

a. Benefits

Each subscription entitles you to:
  • A lifetime access to a digital copy of the issue to read online through our website.
  • A lifetime access to download a digital copy of the issue in the form of CBR and PDF file formats.

b. Ownership

Your subscription license does not give you ownership of the Ikabod intellectual property and any other copyrighted materials related to your subscription.

c. Distribution

You are allowed to duplicate any digital copy you have subscribed to. You are also allowed to print a hard copy for personal use only.

d. Banning

Your license is revoked upon the immediate termination of your membership via a ban as described in section IIc.

e. Website closure

In the event that we cease our services as described in section V, your lifetime license for an access to an online digital copy is revoked. You will still have a lifetime distribution license as described in section IVc.

V. Website closure

We reserve the right to shut down our services for any reason. In the event that we decide to close down, our website shall remain operational for at least 30 days to allow you to download soft copies of any Ikabod issues you have subscribed to.